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This Icelandic police force has the most adorable Instagram account 

Meet the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police, serving the capital of Iceland. By the looks of their incredible Instagram account, a normal day includes holding kittens, eating candy and wearing false mustaches.

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but do they got kik tho

Can we trade police forces?



When we started shooting I put my hand on his shoulder and told him to "be himself and try to look cool". Yes, so I facepalmed in my mind right after that. He gave a little chuckle and said he’d do his best though he’s not sure about the cool part.
When I was taking the close ups, he said quietly “how’s my cool factor?”. I just stared. And then blurted “amazing, you’re very beautiful”. Face palm number 2. 
After the shoot he was very nice and polite, we took a pic together and I told him I saw him in Birdland so he realised I was also a fan.

He’s quite mesmerizing in person. 

This is fucking amazing!!

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